Relationship & Sex Therapy Sydney, Australia

A healthy relationship and sex life can help improve many aspects of your life

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Relationship Counselling, Sex Therapy & Holistic Counselling

Hello, welcome to “Counselling4you” my name is Pamela Supple – Director. Here at Counselling4you we offer confidential support via several mediums. Our services are available for people with any concerns regarding relationship difficulties, sex and relationship discord, sex therapy, sexual health, communication, social media, overuse or abuse of technology platforms, divorce, affairs, trust, self-confidence, stress, life changes, assertiveness, guilt and shame issues, abuse or anxiety. We also work with people who simply want to enhance their quality of life, improve ones self-awareness and wellbeing.

Here at Counselling4you our approach is Holistic. This Holistic approach incorporates the four main components of one’s self. An Holistic approach encourages the harmonious balance and healing between the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual (the whole). Pamela’s initial training is in Holistic Counselling. Holistic Counselling is the combination of knowledge, training and skills incorporated within all areas of expertise offered within Counselling4you’s counselling/psychotherapy services. This solid learning base has enabled me to progress and expand into the many areas of Counselling and Sex and Relationship Therapy being offered here at Counselling4you. The result being over 20 years of extensive evidence based therapy and treatment being provided to you our clients.

Relationship Counselling is for people either single or in relationship wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills to help navigate through this sometimes rocky, bewildering and complex area of one’s life. Relationship dynamics (whether personal, partnered, groups or business) never stay static they regularly change, need adjusting and regular maintenance. Learning how to adapt to life and living stressors and learning new skills, knowledge and coping strategies for one’s life is essential. The ability to reach your true understanding and capacity to self-manage life and relationships will become a rewarding experience. Whatever this is for you or the relationship you are experiencing difficulty with Counselling4you will be able to assist with this.

Sex Therapy is an area within one’s personal or relationship life that is required with any Sex, Sexual Health or Sex Education concerns . Within this specialised field of therapy the Therapist must have extensive training (see qualifications and associations) in the fields of Sex, Sexual Health and Sexual Wellbeing to assist those seeking assistance with their concerns. Within the context of either yourself or relationships, sexual concerns unless addressed can influence one’s life and relationship dynamic. Therapy and treatment of any sexually related concern and how you learn to manage this is essential.

As an Holistic Relationship and Sex Therapist I acknowledge there are many areas within people’s life context that interlink. Therefore my training within the Holistic, Scientific, Western (medical) and Eastern (philosophy) combined approach to counselling, healing and wellbeing is an essential component for ones approach to life and relationships. This approach to life and wellbeing can only enhance your living experiences.

I am one of the original Holistic Counsellors in Australia to utilise and embark upon the concept of treating people holistically rather than a precise set way of therapy and approaches to relationships and self. Here at Counselling4you I provide clients with over 20 years of knowledge, expertise and skills to assist you in learning to manage and live life to your fullest. The ability to enjoy yourself and your relationship’s and how you would like this to be can only result in rewarding and fulfilling experiences.

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