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Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Spirituality & Self Care

Would you like to know how to incorporate more harmony, intimacy and connectedness with yourself and relationships?

I believe in doing what I say and then incorporating this into my life. Whether this be regular exercise, eating well, meditation, walking, swimming, reading, relaxing, having intimate relationships with people who having meaning to my life, debating, philosophising, dreaming, laughing and sharing.

Not all the time though, do I feel like doing a lot of the above. We all have great days and not so great days, but I do at least incorporate some form of Wellness and Spiritual practice daily. I choose what I would like this to be from my own Personal Wellness practices and do them just for me.

Incorporating Wellness and Spiritual nourishment into our lives helps me personally to create a life I enjoy and ways to manage days that are not so joyous. If you would like to know more about how to incorporate your favourite Wellness or Spiritual Practice into your life and maintain it, then let’s get together and discuss how you would like to do this.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Focusing, Spirituality and Spiritual Beliefs, Mind Body Connection, Belief Structures are just a few techniques that are available and how these might work for you. These individual approaches plus your own ideas and preferences on how you would like to incorporate this will be explored together. Our personal Mind, Body, Wellness care is essential for maintaining and assisting us to navigate life as we personally know it to be.

Connect, Create, Imagine, Become