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Your Bedroom Bucket List

Act out your I wildest fantasy! According to Elaine George, director of Sexology Australia "Don't just change positions - be creative and add in additional stimuli. In this case, visual and sensual, depending on the outfit and the language."
2 Do it on a boat! And time it to the lapping of the waves.
3 Playfully avoiding your partner will drive him insane, says sex therapist Pamela Supple (sextherapyaustralia.com.au). "It's also good for sensory deprivation. When you can't touch, other sensory organs will kick in."
4 Threesome. Just remember the No.l rule: "It mustn't feel coerced. If you have any reservations, then just, use your imagination," says George. And if you're a couple, have a code word to leave.
5 To add that extra buzz, use a vibrator on yourself and him. You can use it all over the body as a massage tool.
Get kinky with a camcorder. "Using a video camera adds to the excitement of 'being watched' and gives you the feeling of being a film (or porn) star." says George. "But remember to destroy the video before you go to sleep." You don't want a Paris Hilton-like scenario on your hands
7 Masturbate in front of him. A happy ending is a certainty.
8 Don't be too quick to strip. Have sex with your clothes on, 'cause nookie needn't call for nakedness.
9 Before he wakes up, blindfold him then go down on him. His morning glory alarm will explode! "Many of us feel very sensual when we begin to wake up," says George.
10 Want to hit the G-spot? Have your man enter from behind. Then press your legs together and tighten. "Put a few cushions under your pelvis so you can feel when his penis touches your G-spot." says Supple (sextherapyaustralia.com.au). Tip: Tap your pubic area at the same time for a great orgasm.
Join the mile high club.
12 Have sex in the dark. It'll heighten the sense of touch and smell and also help you to relax. "Sometimes, you're so concerned about your body - holding in your tummy, etc -that you forget how to really enjoy yourself," says love coach Carolin Dahlman (thelovecoach.info).
13 Borrow a page (or 10) out of the kama sutra.
Throw the dice and play sex board games. "They take the stress out, as you're not the one who has to come up with new ideas and positions," says Dahlman
15 "Leave naked pics of yourself around the house for him to find," advises sex therapist Dr Janet Hall (sex-therapy.com.au).
16 Lie on top of him naked with your back against his chest. Then have him whisper the naughty things he wants to do to you.
17 Photocopier sex! "Whether you try it on top of the machine, or stand up against it and have him take you from behind, it's all about the excitement," says Kim Gillespie from secrets from theboudoir.com.au.
Perform an erotic striptease or lap dance, this one may require some degree of inebriation.
19 Sex in a chair. "Touch him softly all over before taking his penis and teasing him with your hands and then your mouth. When he can take no more, sit on him and have sex facing away. Let him fondle your breasts and keep bouncing until he comes." suggests Gillespie.
20 Sex in a discreet alley, beware of prying eyes.
21 During doggie style, have him stop and move your butt in a circular motion.
22 Sex on a balcony. It's a staple of any porno flick.
23 Silent sex in a full house. "Enjoy the tension of suppressing the sounds of pleasure, knowing that others are living a boring, everyday moment," says Hall.
24 Have a quickie in an empty office, but don't let your boss catch you!
Paint each other in chocolate, add cream and strawberries, then lick it off. "Women are more sensitive and will be more excited when kissed all over," says Dahlman
26 Sex in front/on top/under a mirror. "Enjoy this asap [before you get old and wrinkly]," says Hall.
27 Sex in a lift, check for security cameras and don't expect more than a quickie!
28 Do it with someone older or younger than you. But keep it legal, people!
29 Technify your sex life. Have phone sex. Have cyber sex. Sext. BBM Sex. "We're very visual creatures, so this can help with moving stimulation up to another level," says Laura Ansourian from Love Therapy It's also a no-brainer for those in a long-distance relationship.

Sit on his lap completely naked, except for boots. Cowboy, stiletto, motorcycle, whatever -it's all about the power.


Articles from “Cleo” – “Your Bedroom Bucket List” – November 2010 Issue