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The Big O - Female Orgasm

Pamela Supple was asked to give an experts comment on the “The Inability for some women to achieve orgasm”.  The question asked was -

"Does the inability to achieve an orgasm for women affect their health?" -

Answer - No it doesn’t, although it can become increasingly a concern for some women as they feel that there is something physically wrong with them, which in turn can create stress, worry, self doubt and discord within a relationship and themselves.

Most women want to experience the wonderful sensations and feelings that orgasm can give you. There can be many contributing factors affecting individuals ability to achieve orgasm. 

This can also be said for men as well. Sex Therapy can definitely help with this concern.  If you are experiencing any concerns regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to make an appointment.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Radio Interview with Matt & Jo - Fox FM Melbourne  - 6/4/11