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Sex is the Saucy Secret Behind World Cup Success

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IT’S official. Sex may be the saucy secret to soccer success. There are now just eight teams remaining in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and all of them have permitted at least some level of intimate contact between players and their partners or girlfriends during the tournament.

By contrast, the four World Cup nations which explicitly banned sex have now been eliminated. For the record, they were Russia, Chile, Mexico and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Coincidence? Not according to Pamela Supple, sex and relationships therapist from Sex Therapy Australia, it’s not.

“Sex helps men connect and relax,” Supple says. “It releases a lot of feel-good hormones and chemicals.”

As the World Cup enters its final weeks, it becomes a mental battle as much as a test of skill and strategy.

Croatia’s Darijo Srna throws his shirt into the crowd after the group A World Cup soccer match between Croatia and Mexico. His team’s policy is unknown but Mexican players were banned from having sex and have been eliminated. Source: AP

Staying up for the whole tournament, excuse the pun, is no easy feat. The team with the freshest minds off the field often has the most creative energy on it.

And sex can be a great way to stay fresh. The trick, says Pamela Supple, is not to overdo it.

“An all night romp will leave you very tired,” she says.

“You might feel really relaxed and at ease, but for the body to rejuvenate, especially with sports, I’d say a good half-hour or an hour is about right, then get your eight or nine hours sleep that the coach recommends.”

The survey into sexy World Cup nations was conducted on the website Quartz.

For now, what you need to know is that sex doesn’t automatically guarantee success.

The Socceroos had a policy of allowing wives and girlfriends at the tournament and they didn’t exactly have a climactic end to the tournament.

On the flip side, it’s worth noting that Costa Rica’s players were banned from having sex during the group phase of the tournament, knowing they would be rewarded for making the second round.

It seems the ban may have served as motivation, as Costa Rica outlasted three previous World Cup tournament winners — Uruguay, England and Italy — to top the so-called “Group of Death”.

“The ban could have worked as a team building exercise,” Supple suggests.

The science, it seems, is inconclusive. About the only thing we can say with confidence is that if you’re going to do the horizontal samba, it’s best to keep things uncomplicated.

Brazilian team coaches say their players can have sex “as long as it’s not acrobatic”.

Brazil is still in the tournament so the advice must be working.

View Pdf Article Here