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Sexologist Pamela Supple On How To Tell Your Partner You Aren't Having 'The Big O'

Sydney, wake up with Hughesy, Ed & Erin. Dave Hughes, Ed Kavalee & Erin Molan bring Sydney's biggest laughs every morning 6-9am on 104.1 2DayFM.

1st November 2023

I had great fun this morning talking with Hughesy, Ed and Erin about faking orgasms in relationships.

This can be a concern for some couples and I really don't recommend you fake your orgasms in relationships. When the partner of the person who has been faking orgasms does mention this to the other, it can create problems. Remember mutual pleasure is essential for all relationships to flourish. Speak up learn and work together to achieve mutually happy endings for all. Remember what you did in one relationship with another person is not necessarily going to be the same for this current relationship. Everyone is unique regarding their orgasms and how they achieve this. If you can't orgasm due to medical reasons seek help with this. Orgasms are wonderful, emotional intimacy between couples and cultivating this is a major key to successful and connected orgasmic sexual relationships. Remember don't become a lazy lover.