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Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be described as a compulsion or the loss of free will to stop with a continued sexual behavior. Sex Addiction can manifest in many ways. It can lead to obsession about a particular thought or action. Whole days or hours can be spent with continual sexual thoughts, trying to find new ways of obtaining sex, thus allowing these behaviors to infiltrate into their personal lives and create quite a disruption for themselves and family members. When addiction is taken too far the result can have a negative impact on people’s lives. Withdrawal from family and life to pursue sexual activity can lead to the neglection of family and partners leaving. Losses of money, family, career are just some of the consequences that can result from sexual addiction. Most importantly though is the harm that it is doing to yourself and the realization that you can’t stop this destructive behavior. Sex addiction can happen to either men or women it doesn’t discriminate. Sex Therapy can help with this behavior.

Pamela has recently been asked to give an experts comment on “Sex Addiction” by -

  • Radio station MMM Sydney the Paul and Rach show Jan19th 2010,
  • 6PR Perth 22nd Jan 2010
  • 3AW  Melbourne Breakfast with Ross and John 22nd Jan 2010

Here is a recording of her interview with "Prime Time 3AW Melbourne Breakfast Show with Ross and John."

Please click on the player below to play the interview.

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