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How To Combat Your Male Loss Of Libido - Pamela Supple

Sex Therapist Pamela Supple explains how you can combat your slow sex drive and loss of libido.

What is Libido (Sex Drive?)

Libido is defined as your desire for sexual activity.  Your libido is a combination of three defining factors , these are –


This is a hormone that contributes to your sex drive. Without Testosterone or a significant drop in levels of this hormone, can contribute to a person to experience a drop in their libido. Low testosterone levels is referred to as Hypogonadism, this is treated by hormone therapy. Also low levels of Thyroid hormone can contribute.


Mental health concerns, some SSRI antidepressant medications, excessive tiredness, lack of sleep, alcohol and other drug misuse, stress, relationship concerns, pregnancies.


Injuries, Prostate concerns, diabetes, age, chronic heart concerns, cancer, liver concerns, smoking, medications to help manage some illnesses, some hair loss remedies plus overall a person’s wellbeing and the management or lack of this. HSDD – Hypoactive sexual desire disorder – is a combination of all of the above.

Please don’t compare yourself to others. You are in your body and if you are sensing or experiencing significant changes seek help from your Doctor and Sex Therapist.

Up to 1 in 5 men experience low libido according to Sex Researcher, M.D Irwin Goldstein – Editor in Chief the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Drops in your libido can happen at any age or stage of your life and may be attributed to any of the above or a combination of these or other as mentioned below.

If you find you have an overuse or abuse of pornography and how you manage this, can also be a contributing factor. If you are in a relationship and the viewing and use of porn is overshadowing the sexual connection with your partner (i.e. Masturbation in lieu of sex with your partner) can translate to the partner that you seem to have lost your libido (sex drive) and your interest sexually with them.

This isn’t a sign of loss of libido per say, but it will impact the relationship and yourself. Seek help with this to rectify this problem.

For some men a lower libido is just normal. They are ok with the amount of sex they are having and wouldn’t even consider anything is wrong. This may be questioned though when they meet a partner who starts to mention that they are unhappy with the amount of sex or sexual interactions they are experiencing within the relationship.

This may cause conflict about what is supposed to be a normal sex life and what isn’t. This will need to be discussed and worked out between you.

For guys to enable you to have sexual intercourse you do need an erect penis. If pressure is there to perform sexually when you just aren’t in the mood the penis isn’t going to respond. Acknowledge this and reiterate it’s you and encourage another time.

If you partner is horny and really would like sex then the introduction of pleasure products for each other to use will be an added benefit. This takes the pressure off and still allows for connection, fun and sexual satisfaction.

Some tips to get your mojo back are – eating well, uninterrupted deep sleep - the brain needs to rest and recuperate to stay fresh and revitalised, exercise, maintain your mental and physical health with regular check-ups and self-care, yoga and meditation help with stress plus just taking time out to smell the roses and to rejuvenate.

Seeking help from your Doctor and Sex Therapist is a given.

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