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What You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction - Pamela Supple

Article in GQ Online Magazine
Sex therapist Pamela Supple reveals what you need to know about erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also known as Impotence.  ED is the inability to keep and maintain an erection at any age during sexual activities. ED can be organic or psychological. 

If organic ED, this can be attributed to cardiovascular concerns, diabetes, neurological damage, acquired trauma via accidents, some prostatectomy surgeries, ageing or illness.  The brain plays a big part in acquiring erections due the connection between the neurological pathways, sexual thoughts and sexual arousal to the penis.  Blood flow is a major source in providing erections. 

This requires the engorgement of the corpus cavernosa which are sponge like tissue in the penis.  The corpus cavernosa holds 90% of the blood in the penis. These spongy tissue enable the penis to rise and stay erect.  The penis does not have any bones.

For sexual arousal to occur signals are transmitted from the brain to the nerves in the penis along with blood flow and sexual thoughts providing stimulation to achieve and maintain erections for sexual intercourse or any other sexual encounter you would like.

If psychological, ED may be caused by medications, alcohol and other drugs, tiredness, stress or the inability to sexualise some sexual encounters.  This can have a roll on effect resulting in feelings of inadequacy or fears or concerns that you are going to lose your erection or cannot even achieve an erection either prior to sex or midway through intercourse or any other aspect regarding your sexual encounters.  The overuse or abuse of porn and masturbation can also attribute to ED.

If you find you experience any form of ED and is ongoing, this will require help with a Sex Therapist in conjunction with a Doctor. If referrals are required you will also be referred to either a Urologist or Andrologist for assistance with of any of the above. 

If purely psychological Sex Therapy will be required only.  In a lot of cases PDE5 inhibitors e.g. Viagra, Cialis or Levitra will be recommended to help you gain your confidence along with some psychotherapy to help you back on track.

If you cannot take PDE5 inhibitors due to nerve damage, cardiovascular concerns or medications cock rings, penis pumps, penile prosthesis or vascular reconstructive surgery and penile injections are all available.  These options will be discussed with you when you seek professional help.

Sometimes ED just happens. If there is no organic or psychological reason per se, other than you are not in the mood, you are overly tired, to drunk or out of it or the sexual attraction is not really there, don’t worry, give yourself a time out card to recuperate, and recover to get back on track.  It is estimated that around 40% of men will experience some form of ED in their life time.

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