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Commonly Asked Questions

Below are some examples of the types of questions that are commonly dealt with in Sex Therapy.

  • My sexual wants, needs and desires are not being met by my partner. We need to talk to someone who can help with this and help us to relax and enjoy each other without undue expectations from each other.

  • Does fantasy play a big part in keeping couples together and does this help in keeping the relationship alive and exciting?

  • My partner and I would like to see a Sex Therapist to talk about the effects of Viagra and how this might impact on our relationship as we have not been able to have sex for the last year due to my partner’s loss of libido and my disinterest in sex generally. I feel there are other underlying concerns here and know that these need to be dealt with before we embark on this journey.

  • When I want to make love with a partner in either a committed or casual relationship I find it difficult to get an erection. I am so nervous sometimes especially in the beginning of the relationship/s, that I find my mind racing ahead of me with thoughts of will I be able to do this. When this happens my whole focus changes and I become stressed and anxious. Is this performance anxiety?

  • I find lately that I am turning to porn more as my partner seems to have lost interest in sex with me. I am getting aroused by looking at female couples making love. Am I gay or bisexual or is this natural for some people? We need help with our relationship as well.

  • I was dating a guy who was into BDSM. I found myself starting to quite enjoy some aspects of this. I want to explore a little more with this, so I would like to talk to someone firstly to get more of an understanding about this and how I can start to incorporate this into my sex life when I feel comfortable to experiment.

  • My partner and I would like to know what is normal or so called normal for the amount of times you are supposed to have sex each week. We seem to disagree around this and we would like to talk to someone about this and other areas of our sex life like experimentation, fun, games and intimacy and how we can have this in our relationship.

  • Do you provide sex education for couples and individuals who don’t know much about sex and relationships?

  • What is the amount of time supposed to be after entering the vagina and ejaculation?

  • Is it ok to not like the odor or taste of semen?

  • Is being able to give a good head job/fellatio a must to have a happy relationship with my partner.? He says it is.  I feel there is much more to a good sexual relationship that giving good head.  Am I right?

  • After giving birth my vagina is scarred.  It sometimes hurts to have sex.  Is there help available for this?

  • Sometimes when I have sex I am not turned on enough.  This can result in my vagina chaffing and becoming sore.  What can I do to alleviate this?

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